Third Firing


I was on a streak a couple of Saturdays ago and threw until my wrists ached and my back screamed.  By the end, I was throwing like I did in college: quickly and thinly.  I’m still not getting the height I want, but one thing at a time.  This is a process.

Last weekend, I glazed the pieces I chose to keep (I discarded 1/2 of what I threw).  And as with my last session, there were duds and winners.  First the duds.

1.Bowl. Celadon undercoat; Wheat 2nd coat; White top coat.

At least that’s what my notes say.  I suspect I forgot the White coat, or it was too thin to be useful.  Regardless, the outside worked out well, but the inside is thin and runny.  I’m going to re-glaze the inside, this time with 2 more coats of Celadon.  I want to love this glaze, but this is…

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4 thoughts on “Third Firing

  1. I’m impressed! That’s a lot of work to find out what doesn’t work for you. I can relate on a much smaller scale — I’ve got a huge stack of discarded crocheted flower squares tucked away that will never see the light of day probalby. It’s amazing how much work doesn’t ever make it in the final product but is a huge contributor to its success.

    1. So true! You know you’re committed to your craft when you’re willing to make the mistakes you need to make in order to grow. With luck, my next round will be much more succesful! Of course, with pottery, even the duds are useful. If you ever need a pencil holder or paper clip holder, just let me know. I’ve got plenty to spare!

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