De Colores

It’s been a while since I’ve taken on a real house-related project.  To make up for lost time, I decided to tackle several at one time, each taking up precious space in the house, and each on a different completion guideline. It’s been chaos and I’m still not done, but I’m close enough to share pictures with those who asked. Better comprehensive pics to come.

Aside from finishing old carpentry projects, I really wanted to brighten things up a bit.  I’ve was in such a downer mood for years, and dark earthy colors just felt right.  Most definitely time to shed the doldrums and turn up the color.

Just a short summary of projects to date.

Front hallway. The walls took quite a beating over the years and needed a new paint job.  Still red, but much brighter.  Also, the old floor furnace grate had to go. I built an oak plywood hatch door which doesn’t come close to matching the old hardwood floor, but is much less obtrusive. (p.s. the metal box is still there, which makes for a nice little cubby hole to store tools, valuables, or cats that persist in waking me up at 3am.)



Back hallway.  This section is where the old exterior siding meets the porch/kitchen meets the basement door meets the 1940-ish addition.  5’x8′ space with 5 doors and 4 different wall configurations.  It took 7 tubes of caulk, loads of paint and a ridiculous amount of time to make the space feel somewhat cohesive.  I’ve just started on the thresholds to each room (all at different heights), but I needed to clear out space to work before I got to that project.  It’s coming together better than I expected, and I love the rich yellow color.  I’m also refinishing the cabinet in the corner, but have only managed the drawers and doors.  With new hardware, it should look pretty darn good.



Bathroom.  No real problems here, just a bit of caulk and a LOT of paint.  I really hadn’t planned to do anything but touch up the trim, but with the bright red and yellow wall colors in the hall, I needed to pump it up a bit (I think the real color is even brighter than the bottom photo).  Plus, I’ve disliked the stained cabinets since day one and couldn’t wait to paint them white.  I swear this tiny, tiny room looks twice as big now.  And the shower curtain fabric (from is just gorgeous. Very happy with all the changes so far.



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