NOAA says:  3-5 inches of snow. Based on previous failed forecasts, I couldn’t believe we’d get half that much.  Lo and behold, Winter Storm Pandora dropped around 15″ of snow on Staunton…all during our big Winter Wine Festival fundraising event. Oy. Good news is that lots of vendors and visitors stuck it out, so we had a great event.  Not as big as we’d hoped, but much larger than we’d predicted Saturday morning.

Despite the smaller showing, I was wiped out by the time I got home around 7pm Saturday night.  Snow accumulations were at their highest, but the city roads were clear for the most part.  Parking, however, was a different story.  I slammed my car into the snowbank in front of my house and decided to deal with it in the morning.  Before I’d gotten out of the car, my next door neighbors came out not with one but TWO snowblowers and cleared a parking space for me. I’ve had some ups and downs in this neighborhood, but I truly appreciate these neighbors!!   neighborly love After months of planning and an anxious day of festivities, I am lethargic and low on inspiration.  But I got out for just a bit to take some pictures.  Love the snow/can’t wait till it’s gone.

4 thoughts on “Pandora

    1. I took this from the kitchen window, so it’s a bit blurry close up. But it will make a nice profile pic. Thanks!

    1. Really? I don’t get the Weather Channel. Don’t actually get any TV right now. Nice to know that someone out there knows we exist!

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