Red Truck

I just finished a major house rearranging/decluttering this week.  What a relief!  I stopped counting the number of trash bags I took to the dump or left by the curb.  30, maybe?  And that’s not including the 2 dozen bags of clothes and odds-n-ends I donated to charity.  Or the line of old furniture I left on the sidewalk for our heavy trash pickup week. It’s both comforting and distressing  to see what’s left behind.  I can find all my things now, but I also unearthed slews of unfinished projects including 20+ unfinished paintings.  I’ve lost my groove with most of them, so I’m gessoing over the old paintings and starting from scratch.

Today I started and finished my12th painting.  A friend inspired me to copy the composition based on photo I recently took of a red truck sitting on a hill.  I don’t think the painting is as strong as the photo, but I had a blast painting the truck.  I’ve never painted anything so itty-bitty before (1″x2″). I could have done more with the grass, and the truck bed cover is slightly skewy, but it was getting late and I didn’t want to fuss with it anymore. It’s no Andrew Wyeth, but I’m happy with the result.  I think it’s a keeper. Painting12red_truck

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