My Happy Place

Five days until the first day of summer.   I’ve always thought of June as the height of summer and July as the beginning of the end.  In my perfect world, it would always be June.

Spring has been kind to my flowers so far.  Substantial rain, cool nights, and now – finally – hot days.  Not that I’m particularly keen on 90+ degree temps, but it feels “right”. It feels like summer.

My front garden is thick with foliage and slow to bloom, but the plot I assumed in my neighbor’s yard is beginning to pop. [Upon their request, I’ve shared seeds and plants with two other neighbors. My guerilla gardening tactics are working.  I feel like the pied piper of Echinacea!]

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with chilis and peppers, so I’ve augmented the perennials with jalapeno, poblano, serrano and tomatillo plants.  They look so pretty mixed in with the daisies and coneflowers. I’m rethinking my garden design and believe I’ll add more edibles throughout. But that’s for next year.  Right now I just want to sit back and enjoy the show.

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