No News is Good News

West_Beverley(4)I broke my news hiatus today.  Less than 1 minute later, I was done.  Nothing you can say will convince me that being aware of what goes on in this world is good for me.  Within that 1 minute, I felt anger, anxiety and utter disappointment in the human race.

The one caveat to my no-news project is my local newspaper.  If something horrendous happens that I really ought to know about, it will be broadcast in a big red banner across the top page.  Other than that, it’s really just community events.  News to us, trivia to everyone else.  Among today’s front page stories:

  • A new sidewalk is being constructed in front of an elementary school.
  • The hours are changing in a nearby town’s recylcing center.
  • Residents are upset about mobile homes going up in their neighborhood.
  • The Braves are in a slump but still 2nd in the division.

I’ve been toying this summer with the idea of moving again.  I miss the amenities that larger cities have to offer, and I miss my friends something fierce.  On the flip side, it’s comfortable and rewarding  living in a town that values community spirit over propaganda and celebrity news.   I’m not sure I’m ready to give that up quite yet.  Ask me again in January. Brrr…..

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