Knitting Season

image I didn’t think I’d ever knit again. But with a new yarn store open downtown, and with knitting season upon us (temps below 90), I just couldn’t resist. I can only remember how to cast on and knit stitch, but it’s a start. Scarf, anyone?

5 thoughts on “Knitting Season

  1. Love it! There are tons of helpful you tube videos when you’re ready to tackle purling again. Then you can do the rib or seed stitch, which are fabulous for scarves. But straight up garter is great too (lots of little air pockets to keep in warmth and no curling) so no hurry.

  2. I’ve done purling, rib and seed stitching before, and I remember that they’re easy. I just couldn’t do it from memory last night. I don’t think I’ve done garter before, so that will be fun to add to my repertoire. I’m actually impressed that my stitches are as even as they are. I battled knitting too tightly when I first learned. I’m so much more relaxed now, and I think it will make it more fun going forward.

    1. You’re doing garter now! It’s just all knit stitches. The main thing to remember about purling is to move your yarn from back to front before doing the purl. Yep, relaxing makes it so much easier and…relaxing. Ha! I really wish I could work in a yarn shop. Would be nirvana with a coffee shop next door!

      1. Ha! I didn’t know garter was just knitting. Sounds much fancier. I remember the moving yarn back to front to make ribs with knit & purl. At least I think that’s what I was doing? Regardless, it was easy once you got your rhythm going. Of the few stitches I tried, I think I liked seed best. It was so uniform and tight, almost like thick wool fabric. But I’m ready to try them all!

      2. I could talk about knitting and crocheting forever! Yep, that’s what you were doing! Remembering to move the yarn back and forth between the two is the hardest part for me, so you’ve got this! Seed stitch is my favorite too. I’d love to do a whole blanket in it, but that would be a lot. I compromise by doing blanket borders in seed stitch. Now you’ve got me wanting to knit more. I’ve been concentrating on crocheting for awhile now.

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