Looks like I’m posting about once a month these days.  Not exactly the stellar writing performance I was going for. At least I’m still going.

In a previous post, I committed myself to trying something new every week.  I’m not sure I’ve stuck with that either, but I’ve made huge strides.  As a incurable introvert and relative recluse, my goal is to force myself out of my comfort zone  – both physically and emotionally.  To an extrovert, these successes are laughable.  To me they are pure gold.  I’m proud to say that during the last couple of months I:

  1. attended a party without knowing anyone.
  2. accepted an invitation to spend Christmas with an acquaintance and her friends/family (again, without knowing anyone).
  3. tried a new restaurant
  4. started a journal/art journal
  5. went to church – three times, including Christmas Eve.
  6. joined the YMCA. (OK, not the first time. But first time in a LONG time.)
  7. attempted to attend a yoga class (which ended up being canceled that night, but I went!)
  8. signed up for new yoga class – again canceled (trying again tomorrow).
  9. went to an art gathering in Charlottesville
  10. committed to a second art gathering in Charlottesville, but backed out because it was in the single-digits (I’m committed, not stupid).
  11. risked losing friends by being open and honest so I can move on with my life. Results still pending.
  12. committed to going out tonight to an event occurring past 8pm!!!!
  13. committed myself to go to a movie this weekend.  In an actual theater, not Netflix.

I may have forgotten an thing or two, but I think this was a pretty good start.  I’m paying close attention to happenings around town and will continue to attempt one new thing a week. It’s a small town, but surely there’s enough going on to help get me through the winter.

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