Basement Renovation: The Floor

I’m taking another week of vacation to do construction.  The kitchen isn’t finished but I wrapped up all the major construction and am enjoying a fully-functioning kitchen. This week I’m attempting to knock out the basement project. Just one third of the basement, but all I need is a respectable and lawless studio.   I need a place to work,  and I want a sanctuary that has no rules or expectations associated with it.  Just my space, for whatever I want to use it for.

Cutting to the chase: walking up and down steps, hauling construction materials down a hill, and doing more squats than I’ve done in my life  – cumulatively – made me feel every minute of my 51-3/4 years. And I wielded a heavy circular saw like a champ till I lost most of the feeling in my lower arm.

I have to add that a young, extremely fit guy stopped to ask what I was doing. “Are you a wood worker?  I’ve never seen a woman use a circular saw before!  Watch out for those digits!” Sage advice.

Until I regain my verve, I’ll just post the pics and explain later. Because everything associated with this house requires an explanation

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