Robins Revisited

Day One

They’re back!  Same spot as before, in the nook between the column and ceiling of my front porch.  Looks like a great nest, and 5 eggs is a prize (4 is usually the max as I discovered in this lovely Q&A blog).  My only concern is that I don’t see the mama around often.  Either I can’t see her in the nest, or she flies off as I open the front door and I simply haven’t noticed.  I’m just hoping they are good healthy eggs.

I don’t know when the eggs were laid, but if they are viable they should hatch within a two week period.  Then they’ll be gone within another 2 weeks.  I was not prepared for such a short stay last time and literally wept when I watched all three fly away, one after the other.  I will be stronger this time around.


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