Landscaping 2018


Above is a panoramic shot of my hilly, scrubby pit of a back yard.  It’s useless for anything but habitat for critters and a buffer between neighbors.  I’m finally resigned to the the fact that there will be no vegetable gardening (lack of sun) or secluded getaway spot (lack of funds). The plan now is to fill with native trees, shrubs and pathways, with pockets of perennials and grasses.  I will continue to keep costs down by doing the labor myself and am starting off with young affordable saplings (1-2′).  I just can’t justify spending thousands on plant materials when I have more house renovation work to do art supplies to buy.  Patience will be key!!

I just ordered 25 hornbeam saplings, 5 viburnum and 2 dogwoods to get started.  All native to this region, all hearty, all good for critters.   25 trees may sound like a lot, but (per my research) hornbeams can be planted very close together to create a nice hedge. I just hope I live long enough to see it mature.

American Hornbeam or Musclewood
American Hornbeam hedge

It’ll take YEARS for the trees to grow, so I plan to sow wildflowers seeds in the open space at the bottom of the hill, just to have something pretty to look at and to help keep weeds at bay.  If my resident groundhog doesn’t eat them all first, that is.

My ultimate goal is to remove all non-native plants and replace with those that not just native, but bee, butterfly, and bird friendly. I am giddy at the thought of ripping out all the inappropriate and hideous non-natives I planted at random (I never want to see another nandina as long as I live!)  Had I planted appropriate saplings all those years ago, I would have a well-established  landscape by now.  The price of impatience.

p.s. if you are looking for a rewarding diversion this summer, please feel free to drop by. I will be happy to oblige you!



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