Final-ish Patio

As with every other house project, this patio is not complete but I am DONE. At least for a while.  It was not an ideal summer for this particular project, but I went with what I had.  There are a few edges that need to be finished, a lot more sand to add to the seams, and furniture that needs to be painted and cushioned.  But the structure is in place, and all but 4 of the 1200 pavers are in place.  I think I should get bonus points for estimating so closely.

Below are photos from my front door, down the path, and to the patio.  Plus an “aerial” shot for fun. And a few random before shots for reference.  In all honesty, it was not a difficult project.  Hauling the pavers down the hill and dodging rain was the worst of it.  And while there are very few projects I care to repeat, I would have no qualms about doing this again if I had the need and/or space.

Hopefully I will have some prettier finished shots before first snowfall.

IMG_20180722_150813_1IMG_20180722_150823IMG_20180722_150832IMG_20180722_150851IMG_20180722_150949IMG_20180722_150840IMG_20180722_150921IMG_20180722_132116 (1)


Various before views:



5 thoughts on “Final-ish Patio

  1. WOW! You are an amazingly talented woman! It looks fantastic and I can’t believe you were only 4 pavers off! When’s the party?

    1. Ha! I knew if anyone appreciated my efficiency, it would be you! BTW – that loss comes to $1.32. 😁 Still hoping for an open house in the spring…as soon as it’s warm enough to use the patio!

  2. Wow! Just wow Carolyn…..I am impressed. That is beautiful and its all you! You made it happen. That’s a lot of labor, now sit back and enjoy the beauty! Congrats!

    1. Thanks, Gena! It’s *just* a patio, but it is all me… and I’m proud of seeing the project through. Never a guarantee when I’m involved! 🙂

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