New Skills


Dovetail West – Downtown Staunton

Check out my new digs!

New job.  New industry.  New skills. And closest I’ve gotten to applying my art training to a paying job.  It just took 30 years to get here.  I am a late bloomer.

It’s been three weeks now, and I’m slowly getting the hang of what happens in the kitchen design biz.  So many moving pieces!   The main office is over the mountain and the local designer is only in the showroom 3 days a week, so it’s taking me a little longer than normal to learn the ropes.  I’ve never trained remotely before, and certainly not in a shop by myself.

Hopefully I’m still sharp enough to figure out what’s what.

***Please note that I’ve now blogged TWO days in a row.  I’m about to resume daily sketching as well.  And you thought you’d finally gotten rid of me….



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