Gobble Gobble

I've been whining a lot lately about my lagging 365 project.  The new job brain-drain and change of seasons zapped my energy, and I'm still in recovery.  However, I have vowed to revitalize this project and draw something - ANYTHING - once a day this week (and, hopefully, every day thereafter). I don't have as … Continue reading Gobble Gobble

Project 365 et al.

Did I mention that I love my new job?  Did I also mention that I start before 8:30 and barely have a moment to take a breath before 5:00?  This has really put a damper on my social media time, not to mention drawing time. Add to that the fact that learning a new job … Continue reading Project 365 et al.

365 Project

I'm working my way back to a "normal" routine now.  Once again, my attendance has not been perfect, but it's getting better.  More importantly, I'm having fun again, which was not the case during the previous 6 weeks or so. I'm feeling autumnal and Halloweenish, and I'm digging the eerie inspiration.  I also love chiaroscuro … Continue reading 365 Project

Project 365: Still Chugging Along

So, I haven't had perfect attendance. But I remain 100% committed to this project.  It may just take me more than 365 days to complete. Business has picked up again, so no time for drawing at work these days.  It's back to quick and easy drawings during the week, and painting on the weekend. Then … Continue reading Project 365: Still Chugging Along

Project 365 ~ Week 8

REPOST.  I forgot to edit my link. Again.....   **************** Not much to say about this week.  A little painting, a little drawing.  The only observation I can make is that every time I try to set rules or boundaries for this project, I contradict them almost immediately.  I say I need to draw more, … Continue reading Project 365 ~ Week 8

365 Project ~ Week 7

I'm posting week 7, but I'm really jumping the gun. The drawing-posting relationship has gotten all out of whack since my wireless scanner stopped scanning wirelessly.  So I started doing my drawings at night and scanning them at work the next day.  Then I started slipping and doing a little at night, and a little … Continue reading 365 Project ~ Week 7

365 Project – Week 6

Week 6?!  I am truly impressed with myself for making it this far.  I'm even more impressed that I've put real thought and effort into (some of) my drawings.  This is a direct result of having a stress-less job, and I will remember this the next time I have an anxiety attack over my lack … Continue reading 365 Project – Week 6

365 ~ Week Five

Tough week!  Not sure what's going on, but I'm definitively floundering - both personally and artistically.  Fortunately, and know what to do to get myself straight on the personal side. I have no clue what to do on the artistic side.  But at least I haven't given up yet.  Today marks 32 posts.  Woo-hoo! I … Continue reading 365 ~ Week Five

365 Project ~ Week 4

I lost three days of drawing due to last week's power outage.  Counterintuitive, you might say, as drawing does not require electricity.  However, my time and energy were spent elsewhere, so I simply passed on those days with no guilt and no remorse. Also this week, I determined that I need to change my approach. … Continue reading 365 Project ~ Week 4