365: A Year in Review

February is quickly becoming my favorite month.  Still winter, and  still cold. But short. And hopeful. With just a glimmer of spring. And oodles of chocolate on clearance on the 15th. What isn't to love? Most importantly, my winter blues tend to retreat around Groundhog's Day. I don't know why I persist in making plans … Continue reading 365: A Year in Review

Cityscape and Collateral Damage

Happy MLK Day!  I'm pleased to have a day off, especially one dedicated to such an honorable gentleman. I am spending this long weekend catching up on my drawing journal and painting.  I've made a bit of progress with the drawings (which I'll upload to my other blog soon).  Painting has been a bit of … Continue reading Cityscape and Collateral Damage

A Smidge of This, and a Dollop of That

I have had connectivity issues lately, both electronically and personally. The former is nearly corrected.  The latter, well..... I am almost done with my studio renovation. Everything's built; I just need to paint (and take pictures).  To top if off, a dear friend lent me her old trusty easel.  I'm honored to be its guardian. Anyway, … Continue reading A Smidge of This, and a Dollop of That

365 Project

I'm working my way back to a "normal" routine now.  Once again, my attendance has not been perfect, but it's getting better.  More importantly, I'm having fun again, which was not the case during the previous 6 weeks or so. I'm feeling autumnal and Halloweenish, and I'm digging the eerie inspiration.  I also love chiaroscuro … Continue reading 365 Project

Project 365: Still Chugging Along

So, I haven't had perfect attendance. But I remain 100% committed to this project.  It may just take me more than 365 days to complete. Business has picked up again, so no time for drawing at work these days.  It's back to quick and easy drawings during the week, and painting on the weekend. Then … Continue reading Project 365: Still Chugging Along