Spring Cleaning

It's been a while since I attacked a large garden project.  The last few growing seasons were marred by downed trees and fallen spirit.  I just closed my eyes and pretended the overgrown flower beds and ever-growing wood piles didn't exist. But after this past long, cold winter, I desperately needed to get outside.  And I've been outside every … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Paint Therapy

The last couple of days were rough, and I'm physically and emotionally drained.  Still, the last thing I wanted to do was sit around and mope. It's a spring-like 60 degrees today with another major winter snowstorm heading our way tomorrow.  Just enough time for a mini renovation project. I really need to replace the … Continue reading Paint Therapy

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

I really tried to finish this landscape project today.  Really!  I ran out of mulch at the same time I ran out of energy, and thunderstorms are moving our way. Time to concede this defeat.  But I came really close! I think I'm ready to take a breather from yard work for a couple of … Continue reading Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

Memorial Day Garden

When my father passed a few weeks ago, the fine folks at work gave me a sympathy card and a gift card to Milmont Greenhouses.  My boss had no idea that this is quite possibly my favorite place on Earth.  How fortuitous! Keeping with the intent of the gift, I decided to build a memorial garden … Continue reading Memorial Day Garden

Small Space, Simple Solution

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my week away from the computer in the evenings.  So much so that I'm thinking of doing it on a more regular basis.  I'm not sure how this blogging thing will work out without being plugged in, but I'd sure like to try. During my cyber-free week, I … Continue reading Small Space, Simple Solution

The Simplest Project/The Longest Hour

I have a very small house.  Very small, as in 900 square feet of current living space. As such, I have to consider everything I do and buy on a micro scale.  Apartment sized appliances, miniature furniture, etc. My house is also very old and, as such, has very old doors. Large, heavy oak doors … Continue reading The Simplest Project/The Longest Hour