I’m Not Done Yet

I've written this before. More than once. And as I've declared in the past, I really mean it this time. When I began this blog so many years ago, I did not know what to do with it.  I'm pretty sure my first post read something like "I have a blog. Now, what do I … Continue reading I’m Not Done Yet

Where I’m From

I have been fascinated by genetics from the moment I first understood its meaning.   I like the idea that we are created from a template, versus a random assortment of characteristics.  Very orderly. And who doesn't love the fact that they can blame all of their biological shortcomings on their parents? Which means OF COURSE … Continue reading Where I’m From

My Brave New World

With my daily writing commitment behind me, I now have discretionary time again. I'll use much of it for pottery and, when inspired, for finishing kitchen renovations. But I need something new in my life to help expand my interests, skills, and social circle. Starting today, I'm challenging myself to do something new every week. … Continue reading My Brave New World


I looked up the definition of "skunked" after writing the title to this post.  To defeat overwhelmingly, or something of the like. I concur. In less figurative terms, I got skunked last night. As in skunks got into a tiff and sprayed under my kitchen floor.  Now, I've smelled skunk spray outside my window before, and even … Continue reading Skunked

The Robin Experience

During the last month, I chronicled the life of an American Robin and her 3 hatchlings living on my front porch.  The first baby made its entrance on May 5th, and the last left home on May 19th.  From egg to flight in a mere 14 days.  I am completely amazed by nature.  I hope … Continue reading The Robin Experience


It's not very often that we get a spectacular sunset here in the Valley, but there was definitely something peculiar going on in the stratosphere today. Every direction you looked, there was a different cloud formation and color palette. Of course, I couldn't help but do a little sunset chasing on my way home from … Continue reading Sunset

I love you, Morning!

The following chart popped up on my Facebook page this week.  It's probably circulated through the web by now, but I thought I'd share anyway. The timeliness is a little freaky, as I just committed to turning my daily routine on its head. Again. For years I've been trying to force myself to stay up … Continue reading I love you, Morning!