Orkney Springs

The previous post entitled "How Green is My Valley" contained photos of the Shenandoah Valley north of Staunton en route to one of my favorite area treasures:  Orkney Springs/Shrine Mont.  While it's hardly new to me, it has been nearly 30 years since I visited (not counting a couple of drive-bys a few years back).  A … Continue reading Orkney Springs

How Green is My Valley

It was a beautiful day in the valley today. Cool, crisp and sunny. Just the way you wished the weather would be all summer long. I'm not sure if I'm saddened or elated by the rust and golden hues in the fields. We have a while yet before fall, but I feel it lurking about … Continue reading How Green is My Valley

Time to Thin the Herd

Two posts in one afternoon.  Watch out, world! I had a moment of clarity today while responding to a friend's response to my earlier post. I admit, I have been trying to accomplish too much in a short amount of time, and I'm doing everything poorly.  Now I am unaccomplished and highly frustrated.  I'm sure … Continue reading Time to Thin the Herd