No News is Good News

I broke my news hiatus today.  Less than 1 minute later, I was done.  Nothing you can say will convince me that being aware of what goes on in this world is good for me.  Within that 1 minute, I felt anger, anxiety and utter disappointment in the human race. The one caveat to my … Continue reading No News is Good News

Divvying Up

I just passed my sixth anniversary on WordPress.  SIX!!  Admittedly, I'm not a prolific poster, but for an habitual quitter this is a huge accomplishment.  Perhaps in the next six years I'll actually write something worthy of being read.  Until then, I'll just keep rambling. One unforseen obstacle is that I'm running low on photo/media space. … Continue reading Divvying Up


NOAA says:  3-5 inches of snow. Based on previous failed forecasts, I couldn't believe we'd get half that much.  Lo and behold, Winter Storm Pandora dropped around 15" of snow on Staunton...all during our big Winter Wine Festival fundraising event. Oy. Good news is that lots of vendors and visitors stuck it out, so we … Continue reading Pandora