Project 125

I started my 365 drawing project almost 365 days ago.  Sadly, I only made it to 125.  I'm perturbed that I wasn't able to sustain my initial energy, but I'm not actually surprised. I put in a lot of man hours, and life does tend to interfere. On a positive note, I made it to … Continue reading Project 125

Back to the Beginning….Again

I'm beginning to think that every blog entry of mine this year has been a resignation. I was  on a roll with my 365 blog until I switched jobs and lost momentum, and I haven't gained traction since. I have tried several times to will my mojo back, but I find it takes more than … Continue reading Back to the Beginning….Again

365: A Year in Review

February is quickly becoming my favorite month.  Still winter, and  still cold. But short. And hopeful. With just a glimmer of spring. And oodles of chocolate on clearance on the 15th. What isn't to love? Most importantly, my winter blues tend to retreat around Groundhog's Day. I don't know why I persist in making plans … Continue reading 365: A Year in Review