Dumb Phone, Smart Move

I am a budgeter. I honestly enjoy dabbling with the inflow/outflow spreadsheet I leave sitting on my desktop (Excel, of course - my one true love). No matter how poor I am, I find that being fully aware of what I have, what I don't have, and what I could have is empowering. This winter … Continue reading Dumb Phone, Smart Move

The $25 Buggy – Week One

I went on my first full-on budget grocery shopping trip this morning. This is what $25.97 bought me at Martin's: Not particularly impressive at first sight, is it?  Please note that 6 of those dollars went towards canned food for my geriatric, tooth-challenged cat.  $24/month for canned food alone. She's killing me!  Not to mention … Continue reading The $25 Buggy – Week One