The Seedling Report – Week Two

Well, I haven't killed them yet! The seeds seem to be germinating and sprouting right on schedule.  And there are some new additions on the herb side of the tray:  basil, thyme and dill.  I'm still waiting on the lavender, oregano and parsley, but have another week or so yet to go. The lettuce and … Continue reading The Seedling Report – Week Two

The Seedling Conundrum

We have a situation. After a mere 24 hours indoors, my seedlings have taken off in leaps and bounds. I was tickled at first, then realized that they need to go back outside at some point.  This growth spurt tells me that they prefer 60-degree weather over the 30-50 degrees they had been in.  I'm afraid if … Continue reading The Seedling Conundrum


It's been 8 days since I planted the first batch of seeds.  Today, I am proud to announce that we have successful germination.   This round's grand prize goes to: Arugula. And a fine showing at that. It does not surprise me in the least that the one plant that loves dark, cold days was my mother's choice.  I'm … Continue reading Seedlings

Cold Frame

I have a bad habit of losing focus.  I have so many projects that I need to start, yet I am easily distracted and tend to go off on tangents.  Then, of course, I will rationalize these tangents as I am about to do now. I have about 600-900 square feet of weed-infested, sloping earth … Continue reading Cold Frame

So many seeds, so little time…..

Finally!  After stalking Milmont every Saturday in January, the seed shipment arrived two weeks ago.  It was a modest display of local Wetsel seeds, but there were more than enough varieties to choose from.  Had I not been on a strict budget and done my research, I am sure I would have walked out with one of everything. But I stuck to … Continue reading So many seeds, so little time…..