Project 125

I started my 365 drawing project almost 365 days ago.  Sadly, I only made it to 125.  I'm perturbed that I wasn't able to sustain my initial energy, but I'm not actually surprised. I put in a lot of man hours, and life does tend to interfere. On a positive note, I made it to … Continue reading Project 125

365 Project

I'm working my way back to a "normal" routine now.  Once again, my attendance has not been perfect, but it's getting better.  More importantly, I'm having fun again, which was not the case during the previous 6 weeks or so. I'm feeling autumnal and Halloweenish, and I'm digging the eerie inspiration.  I also love chiaroscuro … Continue reading 365 Project

365 Project ~ Week 7

I'm posting week 7, but I'm really jumping the gun. The drawing-posting relationship has gotten all out of whack since my wireless scanner stopped scanning wirelessly.  So I started doing my drawings at night and scanning them at work the next day.  Then I started slipping and doing a little at night, and a little … Continue reading 365 Project ~ Week 7