My Happy Place

Five days until the first day of summer.   I've always thought of June as the height of summer and July as the beginning of the end.  In my perfect world, it would always be June. Spring has been kind to my flowers so far.  Substantial rain, cool nights, and now - finally - hot days.  Not … Continue reading My Happy Place

Weekend Randomness, Vol. III

It's been a beautiful spring so far, but my perennials are off to a slow start.  There are loads of buds, just not many blooms.  The herb garden is looking great, despite being overrun by mint and fennel (which I initially thought was dill ((which does not make me happy)). But the mock oranges are fragrant, … Continue reading Weekend Randomness, Vol. III

Summer Colors

Admit it! You've been anxious awaiting more flower pictures, haven't you. I've spent so much time in the backyard this summer that I've barely paid attention to my little gardens. The good news is that they have become nearly maintenance free.  After pulling out about 50 square feet of English Ivy, the rest of the weeding … Continue reading Summer Colors

Spring Cleaning

It's been a while since I attacked a large garden project.  The last few growing seasons were marred by downed trees and fallen spirit.  I just closed my eyes and pretended the overgrown flower beds and ever-growing wood piles didn't exist. But after this past long, cold winter, I desperately needed to get outside.  And I've been outside every … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Why I Do What I Do

We all know that the only predictable thing about spring is that is unpredictable. Temperatures fluctuate from year to year, often throwing off flowering schedules. Last year, my summer flowers started blooming in spring and were spent by their regular blooming time. I loved the early warmth, but missed my summer garden. Spring has been a little cool for … Continue reading Why I Do What I Do

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

I really tried to finish this landscape project today.  Really!  I ran out of mulch at the same time I ran out of energy, and thunderstorms are moving our way. Time to concede this defeat.  But I came really close! I think I'm ready to take a breather from yard work for a couple of … Continue reading Close Only Counts in Horseshoes