Red Truck

I just finished a major house rearranging/decluttering this week.  What a relief!  I stopped counting the number of trash bags I took to the dump or left by the curb.  30, maybe?  And that's not including the 2 dozen bags of clothes and odds-n-ends I donated to charity.  Or the line of old furniture I left … Continue reading Red Truck

Painting 11

I really tried to think of something mildly interesting to write about, but all I've been doing lately is painting. Not a bad thing, of course, but it doesn't leave me with much to say.   I have a pretty low burn-out threshold, so I suspect I'll move on to something else soon.  Until then, I'm … Continue reading Painting 11

Lawrens Harris Masterstudy II

         Since I've been on a Lawrens Harris kick lately, I thought I'd try a couple more.  Harris painted "Miners Houses, Glace Bay" (left) in 1925.   Nearly 100 years ago, and it still feels so contemporary to me.  I could not find a large picture to print for reference, so I … Continue reading Lawrens Harris Masterstudy II

Painting #10

As I have stated many times before, I am a total novice when it comes to painting.  I must be learning the hard way, because it is HARD.  I can say that I've become far more comfortable with the acrylic and oil mediums.  What I can't seem to master is the full process.  My background … Continue reading Painting #10

Done and Done

Every time I start a project of any type, there is always an objective.  Sewing clothes to wear, building a sofa to sit on, planting flowers to avoid mowing.  I am a very purpose driven person.  And it's no different with creative projects.  When starting a painting, the first question is what skill needs to be honed, … Continue reading Done and Done

I love you, Morning!

The following chart popped up on my Facebook page this week.  It's probably circulated through the web by now, but I thought I'd share anyway. The timeliness is a little freaky, as I just committed to turning my daily routine on its head. Again. For years I've been trying to force myself to stay up … Continue reading I love you, Morning!

Back to the Beginning….Again

I'm beginning to think that every blog entry of mine this year has been a resignation. I was  on a roll with my 365 blog until I switched jobs and lost momentum, and I haven't gained traction since. I have tried several times to will my mojo back, but I find it takes more than … Continue reading Back to the Beginning….Again