Day 89

I decided to take a take a new approach with my landscape painting.  I spent a bit of time looking up at the mountains this weekend and was, as always, charmed by their subtle beauty.  For me, it's all about the combination of  hazy blue  hills and fog trapped down in the hollers.  I'm not … Continue reading Day 89

Day 85

San Xavier del Bac - signed, sealed and delivered! As I mentioned early on, this is my first oil painting.  I am so proud of myself for sticking through this project until the end.  This alone is a huge feat for me.  Doing it in a brand new medium to me is just icing on … Continue reading Day 85

Day 69

Sometimes it's about the tools, not the painting.  I'm clearing out a corner in my guest bedroom to use as a studio, but I do not have a work table or easel.  I just want something simple and sturdy...and affordable.  After a bit of searching online, I've determined that manufactured easels are out of my … Continue reading Day 69