Photo Editing

I can't afford proper photo editing software, so I've been playing around with a couple of free online programs. looks a bit like Photoshop and can easily handle basic formatting and  exposure compensation issues.  But there are times when I take hum-drum photos and want to do something to spice them up. Today I … Continue reading Photo Editing

Orkney Springs

The previous post entitled "How Green is My Valley" contained photos of the Shenandoah Valley north of Staunton en route to one of my favorite area treasures:  Orkney Springs/Shrine Mont.  While it's hardly new to me, it has been nearly 30 years since I visited (not counting a couple of drive-bys a few years back).  A … Continue reading Orkney Springs

It’s All in the Details

I just took an online quiz about my personality based on the things I like.  Official result?  I am weird (their words, not mine).  That explains... everything. I did actually Google for insight on what our likes say about our personalities.  I lost interest in continuing the search after tripping over that little gem of … Continue reading It’s All in the Details