Renovation Reminiscences – The Bedroom

Two rooms down.  We're nearly 1/2 way done! The bedroom was not the most challenging of the renovation projects.  It was, for the most part, structurally sound. Aesthetically, it was a monster! Here is the before picture.  Not so bad, despite the cheap 70s paneling.  As a reminder, this was previously used as the kitchen -  hence … Continue reading Renovation Reminiscences – The Bedroom

Renovation Reminiscences – The Bathroom

I realize that I have posted a lot this past week, but I'm trying to get caught up on old matters before spring arrives and my outdoor projects command all my time and attention.  Thank you for your patience! Back to old news. My first major renovation project was the bathroom. The house came with plumbing, … Continue reading Renovation Reminiscences – The Bathroom

Renovation Reminiscences – Guest Room

Back in the summer of 2001, I decided to leave my corporate job, move back to Virginia, and get a graduate degree in education. Oh, and buy a little fixer-upper to work on during my downtime.  I think it was just a game to me back then, or an ambitious art project.  Either way, I can … Continue reading Renovation Reminiscences – Guest Room

Guest Room Revisited

Did I mention yet how much I dislike to clean?  It is the most thankless task ever derived.  And in my house, it is pretty much pointless as well.  Everything I do creates dirt, clutter and chaos.  And I can either create or clean.  There is seldom time for both. Are you kidding me? That … Continue reading Guest Room Revisited

Making Your Bed in 3 Easy Steps

I went through a furniture refinishing phase a few years ago after stumbling over some amazing deals in a local used furniture shop:  a mahogany Queen Anne chair (painted black and upholstered in cheap grey vinyl), a burled oak low boy (minus a few knobs), and a number of side chairs and tables – each for $50 or less.  One of my … Continue reading Making Your Bed in 3 Easy Steps