Primetime Finale

It's October 26th, and the leaves are nearly past prime.  I went out shooting pictures yesterday and today and found - surprisingly - I'm really tired of taking pictures of trees.  In fact, I'm kind of tired of doing the same thing over and over and over in every aspect of my life. So, It's time to … Continue reading Primetime Finale

Spring = Work = Love

I don't need to tell you how happy I am to see my spring flowers in bloom!  I live for this moment every year, and every year I am charmed by their beauty. I just can't stop myself from surveying the beds at any given chance.  New patches of green leaves are emerging daily.  HOURLY … Continue reading Spring = Work = Love

The Best Day of the Year

I slept in my bedroom with the windows open last night. I've been looking forward to that moment all winter long. My heat is off, the sun is shining brightly, and my gardens are beginning to look like...well, gardens.  This is the BEST day of the year! I must emphasize that I slept in my … Continue reading The Best Day of the Year

O Spring, Spring. Wherefore Art Thou?

Nothing cures the winter blues like seeing your spring gardens bloom.... especially when it happens ahead of schedule.  During the ridiculously warm days of last year's early spring, I gleefully snapped photos of summer flowers blooming in April, unaware that the remainder of the summer would be bland and nearly colorless.  If this year's sluggish … Continue reading O Spring, Spring. Wherefore Art Thou?

With the coming of spring, I am calm again

~ Gustav Mahler I don't know if I've ever made such an effort to get through winter with my sanity intact. I tried everything I knew to divert my angst, but nothing worked. Except sleep. Erratic and unrestful, but sleep nonetheless. I know I'm not alone here.  Winter can be brutal on the spirits, especially on a … Continue reading With the coming of spring, I am calm again

The Colors of Fall – Continued

I couldn't resist taking another drive this morning, this time towards the Alleghanies. These western mountains are slightly more rugged than the Blue Ridge and are sparsely populated.  Jack Mountain (the nearest mountain to my west) is double the elevation of Afton Mountain (where I access the AT and Blue Ridge Parkway on the east). … Continue reading The Colors of Fall – Continued

August 2012

Posting this month's data hurts.  I cannot believe that summer is over already.  My stomach lurched when I started typing in the daily norms and noticed that the  numbers are in decline.  This has been the most unsatisfactory summer as far as weather goes, so I'm not particularly sad to see it go.  Still, the … Continue reading August 2012