Robins Revisited

They're back!  Same spot as before, in the nook between the column and ceiling of my front porch.  Looks like a great nest, and 5 eggs is a prize (4 is usually the max as I discovered in this lovely Q&A blog).  My only concern is that I don't see the mama around often.  Either … Continue reading Robins Revisited

My Happy Place

Five days until the first day of summer.   I've always thought of June as the height of summer and July as the beginning of the end.  In my perfect world, it would always be June. Spring has been kind to my flowers so far.  Substantial rain, cool nights, and now - finally - hot days.  Not … Continue reading My Happy Place


I looked up the definition of "skunked" after writing the title to this post.  To defeat overwhelmingly, or something of the like. I concur. In less figurative terms, I got skunked last night. As in skunks got into a tiff and sprayed under my kitchen floor.  Now, I've smelled skunk spray outside my window before, and even … Continue reading Skunked

Weekend Randomness, Vol. III

It's been a beautiful spring so far, but my perennials are off to a slow start.  There are loads of buds, just not many blooms.  The herb garden is looking great, despite being overrun by mint and fennel (which I initially thought was dill ((which does not make me happy)). But the mock oranges are fragrant, … Continue reading Weekend Randomness, Vol. III

The Robin Experience

During the last month, I chronicled the life of an American Robin and her 3 hatchlings living on my front porch.  The first baby made its entrance on May 5th, and the last left home on May 19th.  From egg to flight in a mere 14 days.  I am completely amazed by nature.  I hope … Continue reading The Robin Experience