Time to Thin the Herd

Two posts in one afternoon.  Watch out, world! I had a moment of clarity today while responding to a friend's response to my earlier post. I admit, I have been trying to accomplish too much in a short amount of time, and I'm doing everything poorly.  Now I am unaccomplished and highly frustrated.  I'm sure … Continue reading Time to Thin the Herd

My One Hour Holiday

Business was closed yesterday for the Labor Day holiday.  Since I have so few vacation days, I economized by using one of these days to extend the weekend to a 4-day pseudo holiday.  I've spent the bulk of this time organizing my new work space, working on a couple of paintings, knitting, sewing and drinking … Continue reading My One Hour Holiday

The Road to Alleghany

One of our clients called the office yesterday to report that a videodeposition we sent him last year was damaged and unusable.  And - of course - it was Friday afternoon and the trial starts first thing Monday morning. The DVD was edited and replicated, but not until the end of the day.  And with no Saturday UPS/FedEx … Continue reading The Road to Alleghany