A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Gardens

The last two weekends have been ideal for gardening, and I took full advantage.  I weeded, thinned, transplanted, dug and mulched until my muscles screamed - and I loved every minute of it, The highlight of my efforts is the new garden.  I ran out of space in my front yard, so I had to move … Continue reading A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Gardens


It's been 8 days since I planted the first batch of seeds.  Today, I am proud to announce that we have successful germination.   This round's grand prize goes to: Arugula. And a fine showing at that. It does not surprise me in the least that the one plant that loves dark, cold days was my mother's choice.  I'm … Continue reading Seedlings

Garden Plot

Some days, your plans just don't pan out.  Today is definitely one of those days. This was the day to map out the garden plot and build boxes. Apparently, Mother Nature had other plans.  It's a beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon, but the winds are intolerable.  It's put a damper on my schedule and on my disposition. I'm just not an … Continue reading Garden Plot

Cold Frame

I have a bad habit of losing focus.  I have so many projects that I need to start, yet I am easily distracted and tend to go off on tangents.  Then, of course, I will rationalize these tangents as I am about to do now. I have about 600-900 square feet of weed-infested, sloping earth … Continue reading Cold Frame

So many seeds, so little time…..

Finally!  After stalking Milmont every Saturday in January, the seed shipment arrived two weeks ago.  It was a modest display of local Wetsel seeds, but there were more than enough varieties to choose from.  Had I not been on a strict budget and done my research, I am sure I would have walked out with one of everything. But I stuck to … Continue reading So many seeds, so little time…..