It's not very often that we get a spectacular sunset here in the Valley, but there was definitely something peculiar going on in the stratosphere today. Every direction you looked, there was a different cloud formation and color palette. Of course, I couldn't help but do a little sunset chasing on my way home from … Continue reading Sunset

O Spring, Spring. Wherefore Art Thou?

Nothing cures the winter blues like seeing your spring gardens bloom.... especially when it happens ahead of schedule.  During the ridiculously warm days of last year's early spring, I gleefully snapped photos of summer flowers blooming in April, unaware that the remainder of the summer would be bland and nearly colorless.  If this year's sluggish … Continue reading O Spring, Spring. Wherefore Art Thou?

With the coming of spring, I am calm again

~ Gustav Mahler I don't know if I've ever made such an effort to get through winter with my sanity intact. I tried everything I knew to divert my angst, but nothing worked. Except sleep. Erratic and unrestful, but sleep nonetheless. I know I'm not alone here.  Winter can be brutal on the spirits, especially on a … Continue reading With the coming of spring, I am calm again

November 2012

One more month.  Hallelujah! Short and sweet: November seemed pretty normal for the most part.  What I didn't notice was just how cold it got during the night.  On average, the daily highs were just a degree below normal but the lows were a full 6 degrees below average.  Brrr. Just about a year ago I was … Continue reading November 2012

August 2012

Posting this month's data hurts.  I cannot believe that summer is over already.  My stomach lurched when I started typing in the daily norms and noticed that the  numbers are in decline.  This has been the most unsatisfactory summer as far as weather goes, so I'm not particularly sad to see it go.  Still, the … Continue reading August 2012

Winter Storm Warning

Have you heard the latest winter weather prediction?  Apparently, our (western Virginia) wet summer weather pattern will extend into winter.  I don't know what "above normal snowfall" means, but hopefully it won't be the 6 feet we got a couple of years ago.  Then again, we had a severe snow drought last year and now … Continue reading Winter Storm Warning

July 2012

I love weather, meteorologically speaking.  Satellite images, hurricane reports, snow accumulations.  I find looping radar scans more entertaining than most TV shows. However, I find I'm losing that loving feeling.  Maybe it's just my general state of being these days, but I'm afraid it's much more.  I enjoyed our early springtime temperatures, though they made … Continue reading July 2012

June 2012

June started out rather chilly - especially in the evenings -  but it certainly ended with a bang!  Despite the wide swing in temps (or maybe because of them), the daily average was 3 degrees above normal.  The nighttime temps were 4 degrees below average and provided some fantastic sleeping weather.  Fortunately, we have a … Continue reading June 2012