Summer Colors

Admit it! You've been anxious awaiting more flower pictures, haven't you. I've spent so much time in the backyard this summer that I've barely paid attention to my little gardens. The good news is that they have become nearly maintenance free.  After pulling out about 50 square feet of English Ivy, the rest of the weeding … Continue reading Summer Colors

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Gardens

The last two weekends have been ideal for gardening, and I took full advantage.  I weeded, thinned, transplanted, dug and mulched until my muscles screamed - and I loved every minute of it, The highlight of my efforts is the new garden.  I ran out of space in my front yard, so I had to move … Continue reading A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Gardens

Spring = Work = Love

I don't need to tell you how happy I am to see my spring flowers in bloom!  I live for this moment every year, and every year I am charmed by their beauty. I just can't stop myself from surveying the beds at any given chance.  New patches of green leaves are emerging daily.  HOURLY … Continue reading Spring = Work = Love

Reclaiming the Backyard

I heard it before my car came to a complete stop.  Chainsaws, mulchers and the labored grunts of manual workers coming from behind my house.  Music to my ears! My neighbor's son and grandkids are clearing out the storm debris this week.  I can hear the mulcher roaring out the window behind me as I … Continue reading Reclaiming the Backyard